How To Get Your Boyfriend To Commit

Are you ready to settle down, but you’re worried that your boyfriend might not have the same mindset? Are you looking for ways to get him to commit, but just don’t know where to start?

If you’ve seen signs in your man that may point to him being a bit of a commitment phobe then here are some pointers that will help him to put a ring on it soon enough.

How To Get Him To Commit To A Relationship

Use a Little Curiosity

If you want him to commit to you, then you need to be valuable enough for him to do so. You’re the jackpot and he needs to know it.

If your boyfriend discovers that, then he is more likely to propose sooner rather than later. Of course, you should always have that little bit of curiosity that comes with the relationship.

Don’t always be at his beck and call or he may start to take you for granted. One way you can convey that you also have a life besides him is to take a bit longer to respond to his texts or a calls from time to time.

This will help him to understand that you are busy and not primarily focused on him.

Always make plans on your own schedule rather than him pulling you into his own whirlwind.

This is important for two reasons;

Firstly, a person that doesn’t appear to have much of a life is viewed as less attractive.

Secondly, some people will take advantage and disrespect your time if they think you’re always available for them.

Eventually, he will realize that you have your own life besides him and he will make the necessary effort to become a part of that life.

If your man thinks that your entire life revolves around him, he might not be as attentive as you need him to be. Therefore, you need to make him a little curious about your life.

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Be More Confident In Yourself

It can be very easy to get a guy to commit to you if you do the right things and come across as the kind of woman that he really wants to be with.

Confidence is an attractive quality to both sexes. Even the less serious men are always attracted to confident women. You need to be more confident in everything you’re doing.

Be bold enough to go after what you want, vigorously. If he sees your a confident person and you are also an individual who is comfortable with who you are, then he will get the nudge needed to confirm that you’re a keeper.

Find Ways To Make Him Want You

You need to find ways to make him want you more. If you’re confident, then you can use this to your advantage. Of course, you don’t need to come across like a brat or a bossy person to portray your confidence; bolshy or bratty women are really not attractive to most guys.

Your opinions shouldn’t be shaken just because you’re in love. Keep in mind that men love to rule but they always desire a woman who takes control from time to time, especially in the bedroom.

Socialize With His Friends And Family

a woman meeting her boyfriends familyIf you want him to get more serious with you or go down on one knee, then you also need to get the people around him to fall in love with you as well.

His parents, friends, colleagues and everyone else that is important to him should be impressed by you and enjoy being around you.

This is an excellent way to get him to quickly realize that you’re a keeper.

Furthermore, his nearest and dearest will start to talk to him about you in a positive way, which is worth its weight in gold! This is an important note; if they like you, they will always be positive around you and spread the same positivity to your man.

He will naturally be impressed if he sees the people around him falling in love with you and feel that you are the one that he wants by his side at social gatherings.

If his friends and relatives are talking positively about you, then they might nudge him to take the next step as well. A good relationship can only progress if all your lives fit perfectly together like a happy puzzle.

Show an interest in his life and make an effort to understand who he is as a person and how and why all the people in his life are important to him.

He will appreciate this extra interest and view you very differently from most women, as the majority of them out there don’t take this extra step.

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Focus On Motivation and Not Nagging

A man will be afraid to take the next step if you keep nagging him repeatedly about the same issues. A woman who is nagging, spoiled and whiny will drive a man away. Therefore, you need to stop it, if you’re doing any of this.

Therefore, rather than nagging him about anything, just loosen the reins a little bit. Find a good way to express your frustrations without nagging. Sometimes, you can also choose to keep quiet and let it go.

Be sure to show your appreciation for all the nice things that he does for you, no matter how small they are. For instance, if he takes you out on a romantic date, find a way to appreciate him.

If he gets a promotion at work, congratulate him on it. Also, showing an appreciation or admiration for things that he does that he is good at, his hobbies and interests, for example, can go a long way.

It can be tough for women to change men’s minds, especially when it comes to commitment.

Therefore, you need to give him a good reason to do it. Are you valuable enough? Are you confident enough? Are you familiar with his family or friends?

You need to work on all these aspects to make sure that he understands your value in his life and why he should get more serious with you.

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