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How Guys Text You When They Like You

Have you been chatting with your crush over text? Are you wondering whether your crush is into you? Well, if you answered yes, this article is for you.

In truth, it can be quite hard to tell if a guy fancies you, particularly when you’re not able to observe his body language.

If you’ve just started talking, it can be even harder to keep guessing whether a guy is texting you as a friend or there’s more to his text messages.

Trying to figure out if a guy is into you through his text messages can be quite a stressful job.

It is very easy to misinterpret or misunderstand the words or intentions in a text message.

However, there are various texting habits guys who like someone tend to adopt.

With that being said, you need to be able to read between the lines to know if a guy wants you.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on ways to tell if a guy fancies you through texting. Please keep reading.

Signs He Likes You Through Text

He sends the first text message

The first sign that a guy is hot for you, which is certainly not through a text, is when he asks for your number. If a guy contacts you first after you part ways, then he is interested in you.

A guy who likes you will chat with you after your initial date to probably tell you he had a good time.

He may text to find out if you arrived home safely. Whatever the reason, that initial text speaks volumes.

On the other hand, if he asks for you number and doesn’t say anything to you until you strike a conversation, that is a sign that he is not interested in you.

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He responds to your texts immediately

If you’ve been chatting with a guy and he’s been responding to your messages instantly, he likes you. He is eager to not only talk to you, but hear from you.

If he has been sending you back-to-back messages, that is a surefire sign the guy likes you.

However, there are a few exceptions. A guy may fail to respond to your texts immediately because he is busy.

He may not respond to your text right away because his phone is probably switched off.

He may also ignore your texts for some time because he does not want to appear desperate.

He is inquisitive

If a man asks you enough questions, he is interested in you. If he is curious about your strengths, weaknesses, your career goals, your likes or dislikes, the truth is he cares and wants to know the specifics of who you are.

He wants to know the real you and connect with you. What’s more, the guy may be asking you questions as he would like to have a more serious relationship with you. It could be he wants to find out if the two of you are compatible.

He compliments you regularly

If a boy compliments you about your looks, it’s his way of letting you know that he finds you attractive. He wants to make his intentions known. He’s intrigued by your personality.

However, it is important to be on the look out for men who text you disingenuous compliments. The only thing such a guy or man may want from you is validation.

In other words, a guy who gives you fake compliments through text messages is just looking to impress you, which may not mean that he likes you.

He opens up about his life

A man who likes you will send you texts with serious information. He will discuss with you about his goals, his challenges, as well as his vision for life. He will share every little thing about himself with you and will not hesistate to show his vulnerability.

If your crush likes you, he will send you engaging messages and take the time to communicate with you.

However, it is important to be careful about a man who says what you want to hear.

For instance, a man who keeps talking about his wealth may just be out to lure you, particularly if he has discovered you’re a goal digger.

He will send you long and detailed texts

When a man likes you, he will write you detailed text messages. In other words, he will give you all his time and attention not only when you’re together, but also over text.

With that in mind, if a guy has been responding to your messages with numerous paragraphs, he feels connected to you.

What’s more, that is a sign that you have become a priority in his life.

On the other hand, if a guy responds with a single sentence or one word when you send him a lengthy message, that is certainly not a good sign.

He uses a pet name for you

People use pet names to show affection or project gentleness. If a guy you are head over heels for gives you a pet name like sweetie, babe, or bae, he certainly loves you.

However, there’s a flip side to this. A guy can use a pet name with ill intentions. So, take your time to study his motives.

He sends flirty text messages

Men like flirting, but they don’t flirt with every girl they come across. A guy who is interested in you is likely to flirt with you over text. He will show his affection by been playful with his words and sending you flirtatious emojis.
Having said that, if your crush has been teasing you, he is interested in you.

Parting words

The above are some of the few telltale signs that a guy is into you. A guy who likes you will engage you genuinely, get flirty with you, respond to your messages quickly, and be eager to know who you are.

However, just like it is easy to tell when a guy digs you over text, it is also very easy to misinterpret or misunderstand the words or intentions of a guy.
With that in mind, it is important that you take your time to understand the man in your life before making conclusions.

If he is not showing any of these signs above or is acting strange and distant with you then it may be time to stop texting him and give him some space.

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