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How To Know When To Stop Texting a Guy

Do you feel like you’re the one who is always initiating conversations over text?

Does your boyfriend’s tendency not to text back frustrate you?

Do you feel like the man of your dreams is no longer interested in you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this article is for you.

First and foremost, communication over text is as important for any romantic relationship as talking face-to-face. What’s more, healthy texting habits tend to increase emotional connection, trust, and the chemistry between lovers.

With that in mind, couples need to cultivate good texting habits such as texting back promptly, taking the initiative to start a conversation, and consistency, just to mention, but a few.

These texting habits make a relationship fun and exciting, particularly when they are mutual. When such habits are absent, a relationship tends to be burdensome.

If the above habits do not define your relationship, you’re probably wondering whether you should stop texting your boyfriend.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on habits that mean you should stop texting him. Please keep reading.

6 Signs You Should Stop Texting Him

When should you stop texting a guy?

Below are the reasons you need to stop sending your boyfriend text messages.

He sends one-word texts

There are many reasons men send single word texts. If your man is suddenly sending one-word answer texts, it could be due to various reasons.

For instance, it could be he is bored with you, he wants to leave you, he’s mad at you, he doesn’t see you as wife material, he’s playing hard to get, or he’s busy, just to mention a few.

If this has been going on for some time, it probably will not get better. What that means is that you will continue forcing him to engage with you when he doesn’t seem interested.

So, you must consider giving him space as you wait to see what happens.

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He never initiates conversations

Every woman or girl wants to be with a man who wakes her up with a good morning text. What’s more, every woman wants to feel desired by the man in her life.

If your boyfriend never texts before you do, it could be a telltale sign that he is losing interest in you. Also, it could mean that your crush does not want a serious relationship with you.

However, you must find out why he has been acting that way. If he used to text you first, but he no longer does, reach out to him. Try to find out what is going on in his life. If the same habit continues, perhaps you can stop texting him.

He never answers your texts promptly

Having to analyze how your boyfriend feels about you based on his response time can be quite frustrating. A guy who is interested in you will respond to your messages within an hour, if not immediately.

With that being said, if your guy is ignoring your texts all of a sudden, it could mean he is just not that into you.

However, before you can jump into conclusions and stop texting him, talk to him. If his explanation does not add up, you can step back.

He tells you the spark is gone

If your crush tells you that he no longer has feelings for you, it means he no longer wants to have a relationship with you. Therefore, he’s likely to give you the silent treatment.

With that in mind, you mustn’t keep texting him. You must accept and let him be.

Although this may be the hardest thing to do, it helps to ensure that you’re not acting desperate and clingy by texting him all the time.

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He doesn’t text you for days

Communication in a relationship is paramount. With that being said, been with a guy who does not want to talk to you can be depressing.

If you have established that he is okay and there is no misunderstanding or good reason for him not to talk, you can stop sending him messages and see what happens.

However, if he has an on and off the habit of texting, it is a clear sign that he is not serious about you.

He never plans dates or wants to see you

If you have been with your boyfriend for months and he never proposes to take you on a date that is a red flag.

The man in your life may not want to hook up with you because he’s probably not ready to commit.

If you feel like you have waited for too long for him to ask you out, perhaps you should consider moving on. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to force him to spend time with you.

Unless you want to maintain the virtual relationship, you must stop texting him.

Parting Words

Relationships are hard work. What’s more, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the man in your life is interested in you.

If you’re wondering if you should stop keeping in touch with your boyfriend through text, I hope this article will help you make an informed decision.

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