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Are Text Messages A Good Thing In A Relationship?

a woman using her cell phoneAs we rocketed into the 21st century, we say the massive popularity of cell phones as they emerged onto the scene, first with business folk and then into the hands of almost every person on the planet.

Now text messaging by way of either cell phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber to name but a few, is one of the most popular means of communication.

It’s no wonder text messaging now also forms a significant part of relationship communication. But is this a good thing?

Some would say yes while others would say no.

Here we explore the good, and the bad points of relationship texting as we discuss a few do’s and don’t’s when it comes to your relationship.

The Do’s & Don’t’s of Relationship Texting

Important Issues

Certainly, texting your partner, spouse or love interest is very convenient and can save a lot of time in getting important info across. However, many would agree that there have been countless stories of miscommunication due to texts that have actually lead to relationship issues.

Here are 5 reasons that text messages can cause a problem in relationships.

The biggest reason for this is that it can often be difficult to get a clear perception of the other person’s emotive feelings behind the messages they are sending.

This has been helped along, however, by the use of emoji’s, which makes texting fun and more emotive. However, miscommunication can often still happen.

One of the biggest no-no’s of relationship texting is discussing anything of deep meaning and significance over text.

It can often be tough to your exact meaning and intentions via text and the message received by the recipient can be wide open to interpretation.

Therefore, it is advisable to meet up face to face to discuss anything important.

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Drunk Texting

If you’re under the age of 40, then chances are you’ve either done this yourself at some point, or you know someone who has.

For the most part, texting when drunk, especially if you’re texting an ex-lover or your current crush, it rarely turns out well.

Often, the person will wake up the next morning with the horrible feeling that they did something regrettable last night or they look to find a bewildered message from the recipient on their phone.

The safest bet is to try to resist this urge when you’re drunk. Some people who feel they can’t be trusted not to text their ex or their crush while drunk find it helpful to switch off your phone once you’ve had a few too many to save the embarrassment.

Knowing when to stop texting him after you’ve had a few drinks can save your relationship.

Sending Simple Love Messages

Text messaging can be great, however, when you want to send a little message to your sweetheart, to let them know you are thinking of them.

Many people enjoy sending little flirty texts to their partner or their crush to make them feel good and to enhance the feelings of connection and passion.

Naughty Texts

When you’re a little more familiar with your partner, it can also be extremely fun and exciting to send naughty or even dirty messages to get them hot and bothered for you.

Commonly known as ‘sexting,’ this kind of text message is becoming increasingly popular with courting and intimate couples.


Text messages can be great in relationships and can help to add more fire to a simmering furnace. However, take care when texting drunk as this could end in disaster.

If you have anything important to discuss with your partner, then it’s not advisable to do it over text. Wait for a good time when the two of you can meet up to talk about what needs to be said.

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