What To Do If He Has Stopped Texting You

a girl in a cafe texting her ex boyfriend backHave you been dating a guy for a while, all seemed like it was going well, but then suddenly, he stops texting you?

Or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship but not he’s gone cold and the communication is drying up?

This kind of behaviour can be very confusing and cause a lot of uncertainty and anxiety?

You might start to think;

Is he losing interest?

Is he going to break up with me?

Is he seeing someone else..?!

The worries can go on and on.

Of course, it’s natural to start to act needy in these situations by constantly calling or texting him and asking him what’s wrong.

However, this kind of behaviour lis likely to only push him away further.

So, what can you do?

Relationship expert, Amy North has helped hundreds of women reconnect with heir partners and ex boyfriends through her simple text message system based on male psychology.

Her methods trigger the natural processes in a man’s mind that cause him to feel emotions such as attraction, connection, fascination, intrigue and desire.

Her method show how any women can create these feelings in a man with text messages. I highly recommend you check out her Text Chemistry system here.

Here in this article are several things you can do to open up the communication channels again and win him back.

How To Get Him To Reply To Your Texts

Take a Moment To Calm Down

The first thing to do is to take a moment to calm down and re-group. He may, after all, just be very busy at work or having a hard time in his life.

If the two of you have already broken up but you want him back then the situation is a bit different.

You will first need to give him some space before getting in contact with him again. Experts recommend waiting around a month before texting or calling him.

It’s called the no contact rule and is often a first go-to strategy recommended by many relationship experts.

Bear in mind, this is only relevant for people who are either going through or have been through breakup. If you are still in a relationship with him then skip the next section and continue reading after

The No Contact Rule After a Breakup

If he’s now your ex boyfriend as a result of a breakup then it is advisable to give yourself and him some space.

Waiting around 30 days before you reach out to him will help you both to reflect on what has happened and get back in touch with who you are.

This time is helpful for both of you and it will also provide space for the two of you to calm down if heated words have been exchanged.

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Open Up The Communication Pathways

If you’re in a relationship and he suddenly seems distant or if you’ve broken up but you want him back and you’ve been through the no contact phase, then it is important to connect so you can find out what is going on.

After all, not knowing is often the worst thing.

If you’re in a relationship then letting him know your’e there for him with a meaningful, heartfelt text is a good place to start.

If you don’t live together then text message is often the best back to start the conversation.

Relationship expert, Amy North has a great course called Text Chemistry. Her course is specially designed to help women get their boyfriend back after a breakup and also improve communication and feelings of love in relationships that have not yet got to the breakup phase.

You can check out Amy’s course here.

Text Chemistry Satellite text message for attraction

Try To Meet Face To Face

Once you have reestablished communication, try to get a face to face meeting if possible.

Communicating deface to face will tell you a lot more about what is really going on as opposed to texting or speaking on the phone. This is because more than 80% of our communication is non-verbal. You will be able to tell a lot from his body language, facial expressions and the energy you feel form him.

If He’s Ignoring Your Texts

If he’s ghosting you then this is a more severe situation. In the case, it is importune two get help forma professional relationship coach.

While they can be very expensive to see one to one, relationship expert, Amy North has a very affordable course that shows you exactly how to get him to open up to you via text message.

Her method is based on psychological prin,ciples that trigger the emotional, desire-driven processes in his mind. The aim is to get him to open up to you and trigger his emotions to feel connection, attraction, safety and love when he thinks of you.

We act form our emotions. If you can trigger these processes in him then it is natural for him to start looking at you again through the lends of love.

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Remember Your Self-Respect

If he’s not replying to you at all then don’t keep pressing him. He may just need some space a the moment. If that’s the case then he will contact you when he’s ready.

Alternatively, the other reason is he’s a jerk and has no guts to tell you to his face that he is no longer interested.

If this is the case then he’s not worth your time anyway. Although this can be painful, he has actually done you a favour as he has revealed who he is to you and you no longer need to waste any time on him.

Don’t Double Text

Double texting is very off-putting for anyone. It communicates neediness and desperation, which are not attractive qualities.

If he has not replied to your first text then don’t send a second one until you get as reply form him.

a woman in a cafe sending a text message to her ex boyfriend

Do Things You Enjoy

one of the most important things you can do is to take your mind off him and do some things you really enjoy and that make you feel good.

Organize a night out with friends, go shopping and treat yourself to something nice, get your hair done or go to a spar day.

All of these things will make you feel good, boost your self-esteem and help to distract yourself from him.

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Final Thoughts

It can be very painful for someone you really care about to ignore you. How you handle it will depend on your unique situation.

If you have both been through a breakup then you will need to give it some time so you both can have some much-needed space. then, how you get in contact with him will be very important.

If you’re still in a relationship with him but he’s suddenly distant then you need to find out when. Don’t assume the worst. First think that he’s problem just very busy or has some issues going on in he life. Let him know you’re there for him with a supportive text message.

If he’s not replying at all then you will need to give him some space. I highly recommend seeking the help of a professional relationship coach if you want him back.

While this can be expensive, you can benefit from world famous relationship expert, Amy North’s course called Text Chemistry. You can find out about it here.

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